Quester’s Keep is now in stock at Amazon

“If every effect of any new products or methods were required to be known before they could be produced and marketed, they would not be true innovations – and thus not represent new knowledge of what people would like, if offered.” ~ Edmund Phelps

Quester’s Keep is now in stock at Amazon! The MSRP for the game is listed as $39.95 but it is common practice to introduce new items on Amazon at a deep discount and then adjust the price up to its MSRP. Therefore it will initially list for only $29.95 for a limited time.

If you do buy a copy then please consider reviewing the game on Amazon. You are under no obligation to review the game but customers heavily rely on the reviews of others when considering whether or not to make a purchase so I do hope that once you receive the game and try it out that you would return to Amazon to post a review.